International Gong Camp retreat in magical place in Lithuania

International Gong Camp retreat in magical place in Lithuania

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ATTENTION! New date and price!



Welcome to our Gong Camp Camp retreat in the magical retreat center Laumžirgių Žemė / Dragonfly Land in Lithuania!

July 2-7th, 2019

Like every year we joyfully invite you to celebrate LIFE FEAST! We will soak in music, dance, song and summer solstice in magic Dragonfly Land.

We are looking forward for gong masters, sound therapists and all others who practise methods related with Sound and as well those who want to experience this wonderful holistic wellness and creation path!

Camp aim is sharing, friendship, cooperation and common practice. It’s a place for new friendship and friendship strengthening.

Gong Camp time and place:

*Camp will start 2019 June 18th July 2d in retreat center Dragonfly land (25km away from Vilnius, Lithuania)
*Accommodation: rooms for 2,3, 4 persons in mythic Elf, Fairy, and Musical lodges.
*Vegetarian food will be served (vegan options available if needed).

Camp actions:

-Sound therapy sessions, meditations.
-Playing with gongs and other magnificent instruments.
-Spontaneous sound improvisations and intuitive singing sessions.
-Live evening concerts and holistic sound sessions.
-Gong Camps participants sessions (will be announced later).
-White Angels Night
-Gong Puja night.
-Sound Ceremony in stone Peace Garden.
-Evening gatherings at fireplace, music and dance.
-Baltic sauna and bathing.
-Meaningful time with like-minded people, new friendships and deep experiences.

Kids: camp is orientated for adults, but in some sessions they can take part. We will kindly ask parents to be understanding and not let kids disturb during meditations. We have water ponds in our land so parents must take care and be responsible for their kids.

Gong Puja night will take part in a very end of camp: June 23-24th. At this magic night camp will be open for other who don‘t participate in camp. Separate registration will be open.

Стоимость Кемпа: 390 евро
Она состоит из:
Программа и организационные расходы - 240 евро
Питание - 75 евро (15 евро/день)
Проживание - 75 евро (15 евро/день)
Для семей и при оплате до 30 мая - 360 евро.

Camp price is 390 euro.

it includes:
Program fee: 240 euro.
Food - 75 euro (15 per day)
Accomodation - 75 euro (15 per day)
For a family and if all amout is payed till May 30. - 360 euro.

Registration via email:, phone number +37068785625.

Please write your name and surname, where are you coming from, when is your birthday and few words about yourself.

100 eur pay in advance is needed*.

*Cashback rules: pay in advance guarantee you a place in camp. As camp will reach maximum participants registration will be closed. If you will refuse to participate in camp when 10 days are left till beginning, you will receive your money back. If less then 10 days are left till camp beginning, we have a right to keep 100 eur to cover costs.

Information for money transfer:
Swedbank AB
Account number: № LT31 7300 0100 9543 5179
Recipient: Alicija Eiliakas
Purpose: Gong Camp.

How to get to Laumžirgių Žemė / Dragonfly Land:
If you need transfer, please inform us.