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This kit is for those who want to experience the Sound, feel how the bowl vibrates, how its sound affects your body. Create a cozy atmosphere, immerse yourself in meditation or just learn to control the Singing Bowl.

This set can come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. A good working bowl is usually no less than 1 kg, but you can feel and get acquainted with the Singing Bowl that is smaller, so our offers will start with the smallest possible bowl, which can still be used well enought for everything and to have a lot of fun. And ofcourse as the value of the set grows – the Bowls will get bigger, and there will be some additional things in the set as well.

Bowl about 1kg (great working bowl) + Mallet + Puja + Small Tingha (for entering into relaxing state before meditation) + Incense to create coziness. + lotus-shaped incense holder.

Price 175 Eur (Value 211 Eur)

According to your need, we can pack the set beautifully! The photos are sample only, the real packaging will look completely different if you want to know more – contact us, or simply trust us J