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This kit is for those who want not only to get acquainted with the sound, but also to dive deeper into the benefits it carries. With this set you can not only make a massage for yourself, learn to control the bowl, but also do a full body sound massage for your loved one. It is also possible to have a very simple relaxing sound sessions with such a set.

A smaller set will have smaller bowls and fewer different instruments, and as the set grows, it will more of everything J

The main highlight of the set is the 3 matching bowls. The smallest set will undoubtedly have the smallest bowls, but it is definitely suitable for everything, and as the value of the set grows, so do the bowls and the number of instruments.

3 bowls (Classic set of 3 bowls, weight about 3kg, maximum bowl about 1.3kg) + Mallet + Puja + Small Tingha (for entering into relaxing state before meditation) + Incense to create coziness + lotus - shaped incense holder.

Price 405 Eur (Value 486 Eur)

According to your need, we can pack the set beautifully! The photos are sample only, the real packaging will look completely different if you want to know more – contact us, or simply trust us J