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About us

Life is not a problem to be solved.
It is a song that you can sing,
Dance, which you can dance,
The book, that you can write…

It is a Mystery, which you can create…

Sound Mystery ” is a project that was born naturally, when our lives were
filled with the Sound.

When you start to listen carefully to your insides, and allow yourself to let in the experiences that life gives you; when you open up to your sensitivity, you start to realize that everything around is energy, everything vibrates and… sounds. The whole Universe and we – her children, are filled with sounds…

We are musical beings. And, once again, merged with our musical nature, we sense as being in the flow. We feel filled with lightness and simplicity, and then the stress and anxiety decreases.

We believe that everyone can play and sing. Even more: we believe that deep down inside everyone dreams about it! Currently the Sound triumphantly returns to the society and its vibrating wave inundates the entire World. It inspires people to look for new ways of self-awareness and self-realization.

The Sound is used as a powerful therapeutic tool for the treatment of our body and mind, as a personal and spiritual development wizard, deeply touching the delicate strings of our soul. It awakens spanless creative powers in us… It changes us, our lives and the lives of people around us.

Anyone can create his own Sound mystery. Meanwhile the „Sound Mystery” is a project, where you can find the answers to “How to do it?”, “Where to start?”. Step-by-step we will place here information about high-quality instruments that are designed for intuitive playback, and which are emitting the sounds and vibrations of universe, nature, and other healing objects. Here you will find the instruments for the Sound mysteries, meditations and intuitive expressions. While the professional musicians will find here new sounds and some new ways to extend their skills with unexpected ideas and creative solutions.

Here we will write about complementary trainings, concerts, Sound sessions and interesting meetings. Little by little we will create the space of Sound Mystery…

“Sound Mystery” was born in a space of another our creative project –
Psychological Studio „The Art to Be”. This studio organizes regular Sound
mystery sessions, concerts and meditations, as well as sound therapy, creative musical improvisations and intuitive singing workshops.

Meet our team

Sound Mystery was born from our fascination with sound . For many years we have used plenty of ancient and modern instruments for sound therapy, meditations and… “Sound Mystery” improvisations. We share our music with thousands of people  and we see how important is the quality of instruments. Each instrument that we offer is chosen carefully and each is tested by long-year experience. All of these instruments are for intuitive playing which means that you don’t need a lot of practice to start playing music or to benefit from the healing power of sound.


Email: [email protected]

Lukas Eiliakas – musician, knows almost everything about every instrument. If you have any questions regarding any of our instruments please send us an e-mail and ask for Lukas!

Alicija Eiliakas – psychotherapist of existential, dance, movement and art therapy. She is a Gong master, marching intensively through the path of sound. Alicija provides Gong baths, meditations and workshops in many countries, and organizes numerous concerts. She is a founder of Psychological Studio „The Art to Be“ („Menas būti“) in Vilnius – the space for those who seek an inspiration for further personal and spiritual development, for growth and manifestation of Soul needs.

Ričardas Eiliakas – Gong Master and teacher. Currently, together with Alicija they conduct sound therapy sessions, Gong baths, meditations, trainings and workshops. In their trainings Alicija and Richard combines various therapeutic and artistic methods: musical improvisations, spontaneous singing, dance and movement therapies, art therapy et al. The sound of gong became their passion that also infects lots of their students and groups of participants

Bartoš Eiliakas - a young composer actively developing his musical and sound therapy skills