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Sound Mystery
is not a physical shop!

And we don’t have usual working hours so please contact us before trying to meet us! We are always glad to meet our customers so if you like to see some of our products, get some recommendations or to choose something by yourself please do not hesitate and give us a call or send us an e-mail at almost any time of the day or week. We have two showrooms, one is in our studio “Menas Bti”(which is shown on the map above) and second is in our cozy warehouse, where you can take your time and try out any instrument you like. You are also welcome to ask about our instruments after or before any of our events.

e-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +370 631 02 773


Lukas - Alicija - Ričardas - Bartoš

Sound Mystery is a family activity and each member has it’s own part in it.

Lukas Eiliakas - call him if you need information regarding any of our instruments or to arrange a meeting. He knows English, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish languages. Phone number: +37063102773

Alicija Eiliakas - a founder of Psychological Studio The Art to Be (Menas būti) in Vilnius. Call her if you need information about our events ( or maybe to organize an event ). She knows English, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish languages. Phone number: +37068785625

Ričardas Eiliakas - Gong Master and teacher. He is the most experienced flute player in our Family so ask him anything you want about wind instruments (or other instruments of course). He knows Lithuanian, Russian and Polish languages. His number is: +37069835349

Bartoš Eiliakas - a young composer actively developing his musical and sound therapy skills


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