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It's pretty hard to find a well made Shamanic drum, that will not only sound good, but will also feal right and have a right energy. Each drum is made with care and different intension so all of them are very different, and this is why we don't post them here, but instead we would like you to write us and ask for what we have in stock right now. As every single drum is unique and there are never two the same, you will have something that will be only yours.

Here's a little what the creator of these drums says about himself:
I've been doing shamanic drums since 2010. In the summer of 2010 at the festival, I met esotericists who used drums and I fell in love with this sound. First I wanted to buy myself a drum, but could not find the sound that I liked. I made my first drum for myself. It was exactly that sound, what I wanted. I really enjoyed being in meditation and creating a drum. This is a profound practice. Inner silence helps to hear the inner voice of the drum, to communicate with his spirit. I make drums with great pride. Customers call and write years after purchase and tell incredible stories that they have with shamanic drums. I'm glad of this, and I think shamanic drums help people change their lives for the better. To become who they want to be.

Prices start from 230 Euro, but each drum is priced slightly different and it depends on a size as well.